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Our goal is to close the gap between academia and industry readiness by partnering with industry professionals to provide individuals with the necessary skills and professional tools to succeed in the competitive software industry.

Identify & Curate Materials

Partner with industry experts to curate top-quality training materials for each software learning path.

Offer Certifications

Offer certifications to users who have completed a learning path, which can validate their proficiency with the software.

Build a network of experts

Build relationships with experts in the field who can provide guidance and advice to users. 


Successfully completed candidates are connected with the job opportunities in leading companies.

The Most in-demand Software job opportunity skills.

Wanted Software Skills

To Cater to the global market, Sri Lanka software professionals need to have a diverse range of skills that are in demand globally.

Some of the software skills areas in Sri Lanka that are highly sought after in the global market included:

Full-Stack Development

Front-end using like React and Angular, back-end using .net Java, python, server mgt with Docker, cloud with AWS /Azure.


Include CI/CD, Monitoring, IaC, Collaboration, Security, and Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Architecture, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, Cloud Operations, Cloud DevOps, and Cloud Analytics.

Big Data and Analytics

Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Database Administration, and Data Governance.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and AI Ethics.

Middleware Development

API design and development, integration technologies, data transformation, performance optimization, security..

Middleware Development

Test Automation, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Agile Testing, and Quality Assurance Mgt.

Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP)

Implementing/customizing ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics & Business process mapping.

Emerging Technologies

Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, VR/AR, quantum computing, edge computing, 5G, and cloud-native technologies..

Get Certified & Start Your Career

We offer a certification to candidates who complete our learning path and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Exam consists of multiple-choice questions, coding exercises, and case studies. To pass the certification exam, you must achieve a minimum score or grades. 

If you pass the certification exam, you will receive a certification document that you can use to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers. The document includes your name, the date of completion, and any other relevant information.

To ensure the validity of the certification, we have a process for verifying that a candidate has completed the learning path and passed the certification exam..

Most popular quizzes on our platform

Popular Certifications

Have you already obtained knowledge in your area of expertise?

If so, consider obtaining certification to validate and showcase your skills. Certifications serve as a formal recognition of your knowledge and expertise in a particular field or technology.

Most popular quizzes on our platform

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